Trusted supplier of steel products since 1973.

Snel Staal is a specialist in the supply of various steel products.

We’re the prime independent supplier of steel products and parts, ranging from raw materials to machined products. Ever since the foundation of our company in 1973, we have been working with various reliable and specially selected European producers and processors. They meet our strict quality standards and they are ISO certified.

Our customers are active in various industry sectors. Their specific questions, requirements and demands take centre stage in everything that we do and deliver. Thanks to our extensive network and decades of experience, we can optimally meet the needs of our customers. This applies not only to the composition of the steel, but also to shapes, sizes, machining as well as flexible delivery times.

About Snel Staal

Our solid promise.

Especially when it comes to customised and unique products, unusual dimensions and special material specifications, we prove our added value time and again. ‘Your specials, our common practice’ is our solid promise to you. Read more about the various types of steel, forgings and products that we can supply.

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