Machined products.

Snel Staal is able to supply fully or partially machined products.

The following machining processes are available to you: turning, groove cutting, milling, drilling, thread cutting, spark machining, grinding, cylindrical lapping and long hole boring/deep hole boring. Various types of heat treatments are also possible. For heads and shells especially, we offer the option of applying additional treatments such as weld dressing, annealing (tempering) and pickling and passivation of stainless steel. The drilling of tubesheets is also an option. All machined products can be preserved as well, if required.

In short: as a supplier with decades of experience, we know every aspect of the market. We know exactly where to go to meet your requirements and fulfil your wishes. We deliver on time, with the desired quality, are certified and offer full service to our customers throughout the entire order and delivery process.

Unmachined, semi-finished or finished.

Snel Staal can supply an enormous range of steel products in all types and sizes. Standard products are often deliverable from mill stock, for all other products we work on an order by order basis in collaboration with (international) producers and suppliers.

We supply large quantities of the following steel products:

  • Rings and flanges
  • Bars and tubes
  • Centricasted tubes
  • Shells and cones
  • Crane wheels, running wheels, pulleys, crane hooks
  • Plate steel
  • Castings

These products are delivered unmachined, as semi-finished or finished products. Depending entirely on the customer’s specific demands/requirements/drawings. Since 1990 we have been ISO 9002 certified and all of our factories and forwarders must meet strict quality requirements.

Rings and flanges.

The rings and flanges we supply comply with various international certification marks and standards, including EN, DIN, ANSI, API and MSS. In terms of production methods, they can be cut from plate or forged, rolled seamlessly (outer diameter over 7000 mm), rolled/ bent and welded (maximum outer diameter of 4400 mm) or made from centri-cast tubes (outer diameter over 800 mm).

Bars and tubes.

The products can be supplied in all possible dimensions. Also if you’re looking for non-standard dimensions we’re your perfect partner. Deliveries are possible based on customer specifications, with the desired resistance, straightness, roughness, etc. Standard sizes are usually available directly from stock.

Our experienced professionals will be happy to assist you.

Would you like to know more about the production process and the various machining options? Please contact one of our experts immediately. We’re happy to help you.

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