Quality is our motto.

It’s one of the main reasons why our customers choose Snel Staal.

We know our customers, who are mostly active in the oil and gas industry, offshore, shipping, equipment and machine building, and food industry. That’s why we know exactly what their needs are and based on what specifications we need to deliver our products.

Obviously, these products are always exactly according to customer’s specification. We put in every effort to make sure that they are, for instance through checks by our own quality manager. And once the order process has commenced, we continue to closely monitor the delivery. We keep our customers informed about every detail and communicate regarding the progress.

Some of the things that customers say about working with Snel Staal:

  • Reliable
  • Deliver quality
  • Understand my business
  • Know exactly what I want
  • Proactively involved
  • Direct and fast
  • Take responsibility
  • Solution-oriented
  • Take care of our stock
  • Make the order process easy

Our experienced professionals will be happy to assist you.

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