Steel forgings.

Strong in industrial forgings.

The emphasis of our delivery programme is on pre-machined and fully machined products, especially forgings. The great advantage of forgings is that all products will be similar in composition and structure (after heat treatment). This process leads to a rearrangement of the microcrystals and refinement of the metal’s grain size. The result? A reinforced steel product, in particular when it concerns impact resistance, shock absorption and shear strength. In other words: very suitable for heavy industrial use.

All products supplied by Snel Staal are available in a rough/ unmachined state, as a pre-machined product or fully machined custom product, according to required specifications and drawings where necessary.

There are three main categories of forgings:

  • Open-die forgings
  • Seamless rolled rings
  • Closed-die forgings

Within these three categories, the range of possibilities is almost endless. For example, we supply forgings that range in weight from just a few kilograms to more than 70,000 kilos. In addition, we are able to supply rings and flanges with a diameter of over 7000 mm. At Snel Staal you’re at the right place for both standard products with standard dimensions and specific and unique custom products.

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